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Although a vacation ownership package will guarantee you vacations for years to come, many purchasers want to see in black and white the savings that they will experience over a 10, 20 or even a 30 year time span.

When you purchase a timeshare, you are freezing your costs of future vacations and possible significant rising costs. 

With the calculator below you will be able to compute your cost to vacation in years to come, total spent in each break down and total money spent over three different periods. 

The calculator is taking into consideration an annual 5% inflation rate, and a 8% hotel tax which may vary depending on the location and quality of accommodations.



Nightly Vacation Rental Rate: $

After 10 Years
$ per night,
$ per week (7 days)
 a 10 year total of $
After 20 Years $ per night,
$ per week (7 days)
 a 20 year total of $
After 30 Years $ per night,
$ per week (7 days)
 a 30 year total of $


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