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Timeshare Resales

Types of Timeshare Resales

If you are just first looking around for a timeshare, then you can feel a bit overwhelmed by the vast selection that is offered online. Therefore, if you are new to this, it might be a good idea to narrow down your choices so it will be more manageable for you to make a selection.

In the past 20 years, the timeshare industry has been steadily growing worldwide but especially in the United States. In high demand vacation spots such as Orlando, Florida, or Las Vegas, Nevada, there are more timeshares being build than regular hotels and sales numbers are increasing every year. All major hotel brands have now joined the vacation ownership market such as Marriot, Hilton, Westin, Wyndham, Sheraton and others have ventured out and built timeshares as an alternative to their hotels.

There are two different kinds of timeshare programs: The main differences between timeshares is whether you get a:

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