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Timeshare Points

Timeshare Points Explained

There are many timeshare points based systems and timeshare points can be confusing when you begin to try to understand them. Each timeshare points programs such as  Marriott, Starwood, RCI, Hilton, Disney, Diamond, Worldmark, Wyndham in uniquely different... Each points system has their own distinct rules, fees, options, etc...The learning curve can be very steep!

All point systems are NOT the same and no way equal to each other! This is not an apples to apples type comparison...

The easiest way to explain timeshare points is if you were to think of them as currency.  If you are going on vacation you need a certain amount of currency to pay for such a vacation. As a timeshare points owner you will need a certain amount of points for your accommondations.  The points needed will vary on the destination, time of travel, size of unit and the quality in which you desire to stay.

Points-based ownership will allow for greater flexiblity in usage options. Timeshare points will  allow you to book vacations for a shorter or longer stay and give you the flexibility of various sizes of units to use than the traditional week-long timeshare interval.

The major advantage of the point system is that you can break your points down and use single nights at a time, or you can use more than a week. With timeshare points, every resort varies in the number of points it requires, so you might get two to three weeks with points, and the major benefit is that you still pay one maintenance no matter how much time you get.

For example, if you own a three-bedroom, you have enough points to stay over two weeks in a one-bedroom. You are not locked into the size that you own like with the weeks. There are no check in restrictions, you may check in on weekdays, automatically increasing availability by 66% and allowing you to save money on airfares. With owning points, you have access to both weeks and points resorts so you have best of both world versus just being restricted to the weeks resorts.

In summary timeshare points:

Give you flexibility in, where, when, how long or short a visit will be, quality of resort. Check in any day. Get multiple weeks with just one maintenance fee. See RCI Points 101

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