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Timeshare Fractional Weeks

Timeshare Fractional Weeks Explained

Every timeshare ownership is a fractional timeshare since you own a fraction of the unit in subject. It can be a week or a number of credits (points) or a bundle of weeks. Normally when someone mentions fractions they are talking about a bundle of 2 or more weeks that must be purchased as a unit. That unit can’t be divided into smaller units and sold separately.

The most popular fractional is the quarter share.  With a quarter share you own ¼ of a condo. That equates to 12 or 13 weeks of usage per year. About one every 4 weeks.  Quarter shares are great if you can get to the condo every four weeks. Quarter share owners are usually on a floating rotational calendar.  This is set up so that all owners have equal opportunities to get that number week at least every four years. Every year the quarter share week moves forward one week. This means that every four years are guarenteed to be able to spend week 52 at your condo, and then must wait four more years.  The same goes for all the other weeks.

Another popular fractional is the 13th share where you own a week every 13 weeks or 4 weeks per year.  This type of ownership is better suited for the family who can only get away four weeks a year and like a resort for it's various season such as the northern tier of the United States giving the owner a week each in winter, spring summer and fall. This 13th share could possibly be on a rotational schedule of occupancy as well.

If you can’t use a week most fractionals let you deposit the week in your exchange company such as RCI or Interval International (II).  Another option is that you can trade it into points either in the points system if your resort participates in such a program or into your exchange network as previously mentioned  See timeshare calendars...


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