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Timeshare Floating Weeks


Timeshare Floating Weeks Explained

Floating week timeshare is one that which you can use during certain or any time of the year as opposed to a fixed week where your only allowed a certain week out of the year to be able to use your timeshare. With floating, You reserve your time period within the appropriate season annually.

Most resorts have a High, Medium, and Low Season. Owners of a floating unit at a resort might not vacation in the same physical unit each year. Interval owners may request a specific unit and, if available for that particular week, the resort normally will honor the request.

A Floating week could also be based on a fixed rotation set up by the resort. This type of timeshare ownership in which specific weeks rotate among owners from year to year on a fixed schedule. This method ot floating weeks is usually common with fractional ownership interests/private residence clubs.

Floating Week Timehare may also be called "flex" time: The purchaser of a floating flex timeshare week has the flexibility of scheduling their vacation interval with yearly variations in accordance with the resort's guidelines. Typically, resorts will accept requests for
specific weeks by the interval owner as soon as the annual maintenance fees are paid. Therefore, the earlier the maintenance fees are paid the better the chance that the owner can pick a specific interval week.  See timeshare calendars...


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