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Timeshare Fixed Week Time

Fixed Week Time Explained

A fixed week is a set week in a set unit that you will occupy every year. The value of this ownership is that you will know which unit you will be using and where you will be going.

For example, if you know your family wants to ski each year at a specific resort during the Christmas holiday break from school, you will want to buy week 51 at that resort.  You will then be guarenteed that the specific unit and week 51 you purchased is specifically reserved for you each year. This is the advantage of a timeshare fixed week.

If you decide not to use the fixed week and unit you specifically purchased at your home resort, you can make it a "floating week" for that year by depositing it into the RCI, Interval International or any other exchange system that you prefer and are a member of. You now will have the ability to go where you want to go, also known as the "exchange." See timeshare calendars... and how to exchange your timeshare week.

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