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Timeshare Exchange Company Rating Systems


The two major exchange companies are Resort Condominium International (RCI) and Interval International (II). The timeshare resorts have been rated (recognition awards) by their exchange company(s). Such ratings, whether it’s the Interval International Premier or the RCI Gold Crown Resort designation can mean a lot to your resort’s management and to you the timeshare owner.

Timeshare Exchange Company Rating Systems

What are resort rating systems?

Typically exchanges involve swapping accommodations from your home resort for accommodations of similar quality resorts worldwide. Owning at a resort with a Premier rating (II) or Gold Crown (RCI) opens the doors for you to exchange into other award-winning resorts.   

Gold Crown Rating Symbol by RCI  = Gold Crown Resort. RCI has specific criteria a resort must meet for the Gold Crown Resort designation and two lesser levels of recognition.

Premier Rating Symbol by Interval International  = Premier Resort. Interval International Premier Resorts, debuting as the highest level of recognition, provide an outstanding vacation experience, with state-of-the-art conveniences, and modern features and appointments. They are identified by the laurel, a symbol of distinction, high standards and status.

Silver Crown Rating Symbol by RCI  = Silver Crown Resort. RCI provides the Silver Crown resort designation for resorts that can’t quite meet the Gold Crown requirements

Select Rating Symbol by Interval International = Select Resort. Interval International Select Resorts provide a great vacation experience, and are distinguished by a comfortable and home-like atmosphere. These resorts are identified by the pineapple, a centuries-old symbol of hospitality, welcome, friendliness, and warmth.

Hospitality Rating Symbol by RCI  = Hospitality Resort. RCI Hospitality rating is for the resorts that don’t qualify for Siler Crown but meet minimum standards.

 Boutique Rating Symbol by Interval International  = Boutique Resort.  Interval International Premier Boutique Resorts were established to recognize such properties that are a smaller establishment, with fewer accommodations and amenities but conveying top-level appointments and an enviable location.

RCI uses comment cards from its members as they will evaluate resorts in areas such as check-in/check-out, the resorts hospitality, resort maintenance, unit maintenance and unit housekeeping. RCI Gold Crown resorts must satisfy specific requirements for guest services, unit amenities/Interiors, and resort amenities and maintenance. Silver crown and RCI Hospitality are based solely on member comment card evaluations; the resort facilities criteria don’t apply.

Interval International rates its resorts based on research, resort inspections, and member Vacation Evaluation forms, the program is valuable vacation planning tool. It helps manage owners' expectations when choosing a resort to purchase or exchange to.

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