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Possible Timeshare Scam

Possible Timeshare Express Management Scam


Possible scam alert- Timeshare Express Management

Timeshare Express Management in Winter Garden, Florida has recently been discussed on the Ripoff Report website as a possible upfront fee scam. A timeshare owner has claimed that they received an unsolicited call from the company in September with a purchase offer for their unwanted timeshare week. The consumer claims that they were told that to begin the title work, they needed to pay $1,298. in upfront fees. After sending in the money, the consumer is reporting that no sale occurred and they are no longer able to reach the company in question.

Another consumer on the same website filed an earlier report claiming to have been scammed out of a $1341.76 upfront fee with again- no results or sale!

To protect yourself from timeshare scams, always remember to NEVER pay any type of upfront fee for advertising, closing costs, advance commission, or any other reason.



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