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Resort Consultants Timeshare Scam


Resort Consulatants Timeshare Scam

It has come to our attention that a company claiming their name is Resort Consultants has been soliciting timeshare owners with promises of buyers waiting to purchase their timeshares. This is not the true Resort Consultants of Tannersville, PA company. This true legitimate company never contacts anyone by phone. Resort Consultants is a Consulting Internet Based Company and our customers find our websites using search engines.

If you have been contacted by anyone claiming to work for Resort Consultants or they ask you to preview our BBB report be warned: You are about to be SCAMMED!


In July 2011 it was identified owners of timeshare properties were being contacted by a company identifying themselves as Resort Consultants from Tannersville Pennsylvania who had secured buyers for the owners timeshare week(s).
The rouse began by having the owners Google Resort Consultants BBB and were shown that Resort Consultants had an A+ rating and had been in business of over 20 years with no complaints. Listed on the BBB site has been a warning that if you are contacted and asked to wire money.... Do not send / wire any money nor give any contact / credit information to these people.

These fraudsters instructed the owners to send upfront fees to be wired to them to Arizona Banks in the amounts of $2,300 and higher. Reports show one owner had wired to this bogus company in excess of $20,000.

Named individuals in this scam were noted as:

Harold Thurman III
Bryan Thompson, acquisitions Manager
Jessica Calloway
Vivian Johnson
Chris and Claudia Benedetti
Anthony Thompson
Don Rogers
Ryan Neilson
Steve Jackson
Charles Benson
Charles Hines
Zeke Wilson
Justin Jameson
Amber Mason
Dawn Rogers
David Steele
Jack Phillip

Telephone numbers they are using:

570-994-1115 and 460-304-3288 Fax

Owners who wired monies to this group never had their timeshare properties sold or transfered in any manner, Should you be contacted by these individuals the advice of the BBB is to contact your local Attorney General's Office. If you ha
ve been victimized contact your local FBI office .




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